Customized Services

customized services black car chicago

Hourly Charters

Our hourly charters services provide you with the finest in flexibility and convenience. Reserve your vehicle and direct your chauffeur to any destination. Make as many stops as you wish and have your chauffeur wait for as long as you need.

Our courteous and professional hourly charters service is all about giving you the freedom to travel in luxury at your own pace. Black Car will take you and your friends for a ride stopping off as many times as you like. Whatever the occasion or celebration, Black Car offers a wide selection of luxurious vehicles to suit.

Take all the Time you need

Whether you’re off to the theatre, a sporting event, shopping, executive meetings, dining out or off to dance the night away, our hourly charters service will suit your needs. Explore the city at your own pace, sit back, relax and let our professional chauffeurs do the driving. Do not worry about navigating traffic or finding parking, leave it to the experts. Black Car is a premium limo car service and industry leader in luxury transportation, so trust our team to treat you with the utmost care and professionalism next time you need our hourly service.

City to City

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you can now travel in safe, affordable and comfortable style with Black Car “city to city” service, you can travel from home to the office, office to the airport, or between major cities. You now have the flexibility to have on your own time and set your own schedule.

Maximize your Time

Sit back in complete comfort and enjoy our city to city service. Black Car city to city service is in every sense a door to door luxury. Enjoy a comfortable, safe and relaxed transportation by chauffeur driven vehicles from any point of your choice to another. This is the most affordable way to travel, saving you money and maximizing your time. Let our professionals add value and take the hassle out of your journey.

We provide city to city transportation with particular attention to comfort and safety. Black Car city to city transportation is available any time during the week, at any time of the day. We are happy to meet you anywhere and take you where you need to go.

Client Testimonials
A lovely service by all counts. We have used your service numerous number of times over the past six months and we only have words of praise. Black Car - you are doing a great job getting me and my team to and from Midway. Keep up the great work and we look forward to many more rides in your lovely sedans.
L. Mitchell

Black Car, I find your transportation most relaxing. For all my trips to the airport or client meetings I use your service and you have so far delivered perfectly. A great team of drivers who I would like to congratulate on their professionalism and manners. Your customer support over the telephone is also very efficient. Keep it up, I love your work!
S. Davis

I have been travelling with Black Car for about two years now, since I moved to Chicago. Excellent service in every way. It was first recommended to me by a colleague and from the moment I travelled with your service I have not looked back. I have used your service on so many occasions - exceptional, always. Great work!
D. Douglas