About Us black car chicagoBlack Car was founded in 1998 under the name Chicago Coach Limo and has been serving business and leisure travelers in greater Chicago area for over a decade providing the highest level of customer care while meeting their needs with safe, dependable and affordable luxury. With Chicago Coach Limo we have gained a knowledge base where we have accumulated precious experince and years of know-how of the limo industry. Chicago Coach Limo has also eqqupied us with skills, expertise and a pool of experince and ideas.

Black Car Service was born with the commitment of providing the best luxury transportation service in the USA. We are achieving this by finding new ways to maintain the higest quality of our service and preserving the loyalty of our customers. We are working tirelessly, investing in the quality of our fleet, chosing the best drivers in the industry and always trying to add value to our customers.

Black Car is currently servicing many major airports and cities on the territory of the USA. We have achieved nationwide presence by trying to stay the top of our performance. We like to act fast and efficient at critical times. When a situation develops, it is handled expeditiously. We are proactive, not reactive. If you have a change of plans, we have a back-up. If you need a last minute ride, we can accommodate you. We station cars on eight hour rotating shifts in strategic locations all across Chicago, the greater area and at the airports. If you are diverted to another airport, we are there before you. See for yourself, book Black Car service near you.

We place a lot of emphasis on the personalized service. We relish the opportunity to provide your comfort, enjoyment and security for your wedding, business meeting or special event. We strive to fulfill your every expectation and we know that is possible only by remaining flexible and alert. Black Car service can be tailor-made according to your schedule. Our goal is to bring you the most elegant, reliable, safe, luxurious and convenient limousine service to make your trip easier than ever.

Our team is standing by and promises to deliver a premium limo service that sets a new standard in quality nationwide.

Client Testimonials
I have been travelling with Black Car for about two years now, since I moved to Chicago. Excellent service in every way. It was first recommended to me by a colleague and from the moment I travelled with your service I have not looked back. I have used your service on so many occasions - exceptional, always. Great work!
D. Douglas

My husband and I recently visited Chicago for a friends wedding. He suggested we use your service to and from O Hare and we booked all our transfers accordingly. Excellent choice we thought. Black Car - your drivers were very professional. We got awesome recommendations of where to eat and what to see during our stay. Lovely service. Thank you!
Sam Keating

Black Car, I find your transportation most relaxing. For all my trips to the airport or client meetings I use your service and you have so far delivered perfectly. A great team of drivers who I would like to congratulate on their professionalism and manners. Your customer support over the telephone is also very efficient. Keep it up, I love your work!
S. Davis